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Working with 1 on 1 basketball improved my game tremendously over this past summer. Over all the sessions, we were able to focus on not only game skills such as my ball handling, shooting, defense, and rebounding, but we also worked on my agility, strength, and conditioning. From resistance band two-ball dribbling drills, running hills, and full court shooting drills, to intense jumping/rebounding drills, defensive drills with lateral resistance bands, and speed/agility work with a Sklz Hopz Belt, every drill at every session improved my skill set greatly while also getting me into top basketball shape. Because of these drills, among many others, and the focus, support, and attention of Coach Gerald Stansbury, I was able to see a difference in all aspects of my game at the end of every week. These past summer sessions have prepared me for the upcoming college basketball season! --Bobby Bates Junior at Salisbury University

"My son came to the One-on-One organization after a tough season on a crowded team. He had the desire to play basketball but his skills needed work. He had one on one lessons with Coach Stansbury and participated in a One-on-One clinic. After those sessions he played for a summer league, I noticed his confidence was up and his skills and knowledge of the game had considerably improved! I am glad we found the One-on-One organization because through developing his skills they helped my son enjoy basketball again." --S. Henson

"My son has been in other programs but this is by far the best! My son was engaged every moment by Miss Gail. His skills have drastically improved from just a one week camp. They play proper games and run drills. My son has become a more mature player and he greatly benefited from being around some older campers. There's a great sense of camaraderie among the campers and he can't wait to come back!" --C.Gill

"My 13 year old son has participated in both the spring and the June camps. Coach Gail and her staff provided excellent instruction through drills and skill development and also fun and competitive games. All was done through positive re-enforcement in a well-supervised environment. He loved the camps and will return to future One on One camps. "--D.Orso

Basketball Mini Camp November 22 10am to 1pm at

Pip Moyer Rec Center